Kind or Stupid?

We (I) are (am) still trying to restore normalcy to the microcosm. In the meantime, I’m back at Friday Fictioneers (Thanks, Rochelle!).

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Kind or Stupid?

Daddy and Mama share different viewpoints. Daddy calls me kind; Mama calls me stupid.

Right now, I believe Mama because I sure didn’t (totally) believe her when she “re”-told me that Gwen and Noelle were evil micreants.

Yet here I am ditched in an alley. I was in the way. Voila. I’m not anymore.

“Do you need help?” He looks like a young Russell Crowe.


His eyebrow arcs.

“Yes?” I try again.

“Are you sure?”


He smiles. Sigh.

“Perhaps a pint at the pub will help your decision making?”

Unlikely. “Sure.”

I sincerely hope Mama’s wrong this time.


11 thoughts on “Kind or Stupid?

  1. Being told you are stupid, by someone you ought to be able to trust, often results in exactly what this character portrays: A smart girl who questions every decision, every answer, because she no longer trusts herself. Or anyone else.

  2. It’s a fine line; I struggle with it too. I’m pulling for her–a young Russell Crowe? I’d risk stupid.

  3. It’s sad when children believe the negative things parents say about them. In her case, Mom wasn’t right. Mom didn’t know best. Mom should validate instead of devalue her daughter, especially when in some societies women and girls have to deal with gender inequality. I hope the girl has more faith in herself and that things work out well for her.

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