Betanda Shanam Reviews Threat Nexus by Cortez Law III

Threat Nexus

Cortez Law III

October 22, 2020

Blurb: Atlanta. Near midnight. A lone driver with a goal and little time to complete it. He needs help from Malcolm Hobbs, but there’s a problem. He’s suspended from his post as Sergeant of the APDs elite X-Men Homicide Squad, and that’s bad timing for his visitor. After the meeting Hobbs, compelled to serve and protect, launches his off-the-clock investigation.

With a flawlessly executed plan from the highways to the midtown and downtown surface streets, Hobbs encounters a deadly team of rogue military operatives who seize the city. Despite coalition efforts from the government alphabet soup authorities, the metropolis’ best hope may fall on Hobbs’ assaults against this invading force of evil.

With a city on the brink of chaos, Hobbs combats his most intense life-threatening enemy yet and risks all to save the people of Atlanta and the rest of America from a doomsday countdown.

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In the dead of night on the streets of Atlanta, Malcolm Hobbs a suspended sergeant from the APDs elite X-men Homicide squad, uses all his skills and warfare knowledge to overthrow his most challenging and accomplished enemy, Reddinger, who  along with his highly skilled team are raining terror on the city. Hobbs is in a race against time to save the city of Atlanta and rescue the hostages. Threat Nexus is an action-packed thriller, which will provide the reader with adventure and the thrill of the chase.  

I found Threat Nexus to be an engaging read, though not my normal genre.  Cortez took the time to thank to all those that have taken up the fight against Covid -19  in the acknowledgment, which I thought was a very thoughtful and humbling gesture. 

I give this book 3 stars 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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