Music Monday: Betty by Taylor Swift

I am a Taylor Swift fan and her latest album, Folklore, proves that she is capable of writing music and lyrics beyond popular anthems. However, “Betty” feels like a throwback to her earlier work although the lyrics include words that young Taylor wouldn’t have written. I heard the song not long after it was released and its easy, bubbly sound stuck with me for days.

Below I’ve included two videos, one with explicit lyrics and the one she sang for the CMAs. What do you think of the song?

Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard

When I passed your house

It’s like I couldn’t breathe

You heard the rumors from Inez

You can’t believe a word she says

Most times, but this time it was true

The worst thing that I ever did

Was what I did to you

Songwriters: Taylor A. Swift / William Bowery/betty lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group



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3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Betty by Taylor Swift

  1. I used to say Taylor Swift was my guilty pleasure but that was back in her early days. Folklore is her best album in years, displaying her true songwriting skills rather than just writing songs for stomping around an arena stage in front of a bunch of kids who probably aren’t listening anyway! Betty is beautiful, and very relatable – we’ve all done that to someone. It isn’t just a female thing, either.

    1. I haven’t listened to Folklore end to end, just some of the songs along the way. However, in reading the wiki for Folklore, I discovered that some of the songs are linked. That “Cardigan” is the first and tells the story of Betty and James’ romance and “August” is narrated by James’ summer fling. I’ve listened to Cardigan but will have to listen more closely and then listen to August. Yes, Taylor is coming into her own as a mature writer.

      1. The album bears a full listen, if you have time. Her most mature work by miles: another good example of how creative types have worked their way around and through lockdowns and quarantine. There has been some great new music this year!

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