So I had “Joy” earlier today. Why not round it out with “Goodwill?”

“Goodwill” was written for Friday Fictioneers, where I’m sliding in just under the wire. Squeal! Thank you to Rochelle, our host, and Dale, who provided this lovely picture.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


Reflected here is your possible happiness.

Christmas? Falalalala? Color me Scrooge. Those possibilities were never mine.

One set of possibilities.

Children? Love? Goodwill? Not mine.

You don’t have goodwill?

Do you?

I am the spirit of goodwill.

Being the spirit doesn’t make you goodwill.

You’re avoiding the answer.

With good reason.

What would that be?

Sometimes I feel dark, angry, dissatisfied—okay? I wanted more from life. I’ve nothing.

Your life isn’t over. You have people who love you.

People who don’t include me.

You rejected them. You must make an effort.

It’s too late.

As long as you breathe, it’s never too late.


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