Topsy’s Turvy Christmas Eve

I’m back to visit the Ranch. Wish I visited more often but, well, it’s been one of those years for all of us, hasn’t it? Thank you to Charli for keeping the Ranch running!

Topsy’s Turvy Christmas Eve

“Your family’s three families,” Mrs. Crawford always told Topsy.

Topsy didn’t understand. Not until she turned nine and her older brothers spent Christmas elsewhere did she comprehend.


“Why aren’t they here for carols?” Topsy asked.

Mother who bit her lip—or her tongue—constantly these days said, “They’re starting their own families and traditions.”

“But carols are sacred,” Topsy whispered.

And even Joseph, her big brother-protector, remained in his room, unwilling to sing carols, which left Topsy, Mom, Dad, and Sandy.

As they sang Silent Night, a tear slid down Topsy’s cheek. This night was far too silent.


8 thoughts on “Topsy’s Turvy Christmas Eve

  1. It has been a year, but good to see you at the Ranch! A sad story that expresses what it can be like for the youngest when families part ways from earlier traditions. Nice play on Silent Night.

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