Happy New Year & Music Monday: Feeling Good by Nina Simone

I reread my last “Happy New Years” and all I’m left thinking is, well, that year didn’t quite come out the way I expected. But then again, did it for any of us?

We like to begin the new year feeling optimistic, believing that anything is possible, or hoping that it could be at any rate. I’ve taken a somewhat cautious, perhaps realistic, view of that this year. Thanks to covid, the beginning of this year might seem a lot like the ending of last and unfortunately many families will feel its effects in more traumatic ways than others. Many of us will be fortunate. Many of us have felt fortunate for our situations despite restrictions. Being grateful for what we have even in the smallest way should be something we never lose sight of.

I have not made any resolutions this year, but I have decided to lose weight, spend more time to better myself mentally and physically, and just generally get my act together. I think the last will fall into place after I begin taking better care of myself. And I hope to be in the same room as the older members of my family whom I miss so very much but would have wrapped in bubble wrap if I thought it would keep them safe.

Right now, I feel good and I’m hoping to share that with you with a little Nina Simone. If you love music and have never listened to Nina Simone, you’re in for a treat.

I hope you feel good too.

Happy New Year from the Microcosm family, Sascha, Betanda, and Sophie!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year & Music Monday: Feeling Good by Nina Simone

  1. Happy new year! 2020 has been really problematic and I’m glad we’re all done with it! I hope this year goes well for all os us. 😊 thanks for sharing!

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