Betanda Shanam Reviews Lady Estrid: A Novel of Eleventh Century Denmark by MJ Porter

Lady Estrid: A Novel of Eleventh Century Denmark (The Earls of Mercia)

MJ Porter

October 29, 2020



Daughter, Sister, Duchess, Aunt.

United by blood and marriage. Divided by seas. Torn apart by ambition.

Lady Estrid Sweinsdottir has returned from Kiev, her first husband dead after only a few months of marriage. Her future will be decided by her father, King Swein of Denmark, or will it?

A member of the ruling House of Gorm, Estrid might not be eligible to rule, as her older two brothers, but her worth is in more than her ability to marry and provide heirs for a husband, for her loyalty is beyond question.

With a family as divided and powerful as hers, stretching from England to Norway to the land of the Svear, she must do all she can to ensure Denmark remains under the control of her father’s descendants, no matter the raging seas and boiling ambition that threatens to imperil all.

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I must start by apologising for the delay in my book reviews. There has been a lot happening, including starting a new temporary job, which for the first two months was catching up on the workload to a manageable level. Hopefully, I am now on top of it all and I am looking forward to catching up on my reading over the next couple of weeks before I return to work. 

Lady Estrid took me longer to read than I had wanted. I always find MJ Porters writing easy to slip into and enjoyable to read, but as my temp job is demanding it took up most of my spare time. 

Lady Estrid, an eleventh century daughter to the conquering King of Denmark, found herself married off to strengthen allies. Thankfully for her, it was a short-lived marriage. Strong-willed and possessing a true belief in her own abilities, Lady Estrid found herself the advisor to her brother who became the King. Unfortunately, she became a prawn in securing England and was married off once again. Fate brought her back to her beloved country, Demark, where she became the mother of Kings. 

I found Lady Estrid a refreshing read; it was empowering to read about the force behind the great leaders of Europe. MJ’s writing made the story vivid though I did find that the story line jumped a bit, but that could be down to reading Lady Estrid in short sessions. Reading the story through Lady Estrid’s eye reinforced the fact that strong ambitious women are not something new for the 21 century.

Another great read by MJ Porter

I give Lady Estrid 4 stars

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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