Only So Much

So…when I first saw the picture for the photo prompt, I thought I saw a person standing at the top of this building. My idea grew from there. After I scrolled, the person was gone from the picture. Trick of the imagination? Nope, dirty screen, time to clean. 🙂 Alas, the creation of my first finished story of 2021.

Thanks as always to Rochelle for making Friday Fictioneers possible.

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

Only So Much

“I’m done.” Jill started thrusting garments into her overnight bag.

“What if he falls?”

Jill glanced at her sister, Penny. “I don’t want to hear about it.”

A muffled roar rose from the pavement stories below. Penny raised an eyebrow before they both ran to the balcony door.

Danny Nickerson waved to the crowd naked except for his boxers. In freezing temperatures, barefoot, he’d tight-rope-walked the metal railing encircling the roof of their high rise.

On cue, a fist banged loudly at the door. “Police, Danny. You know the routine.” So did Jill. But no more. “Goodbye, Danny.”


17 thoughts on “Only So Much

      1. Ha! And here I thought it was such a clever analogy. Now that I know it was unintentional… I still think it’s clever. 🙂

  1. Picture of a disfunctional relationship! It’s so hard to make that final decision; I feel for her. I wonder what made you see someone there, that is, until after you wrote the story. The subconscious works in strange ways sometimes.

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