Betanda Shanam Reviews Stepping It Up by Bea Stevens

Stepping It Up

Bea Stevens

May 29, 2018


Blurb: Libby’s new job as a reporter for the Daily Chronicle is proving quite challenging for the following reasons:

Number 1: Her mentor, Dave Chandler, likes to run everywhere which means she has to do the same. Her Karen Millens are already ruined and her new Kurt Geigers are heading the same way. Everyone else gets to take taxis or the Tube. Surely that counts as discrimination or something?
Number 2: None of the girls in the news room seem to like her—even though they’ve never even met her! It’s just plain rude—and very hurtful!
And Number 3: Dave Chandler is a bit odd—and that’s without the running thing. He’s very proud of all his trophies and awards but won’t help Libby get any. He won’t divulge who his contacts are—although some of them sound a bit iffy—and he keeps sneaking off without her despite the fact she’s supposed to be shadowing him.

Cassie Beaumont, her bestie and flatmate, is doing really well in her new job, which only makes Libby feel worse about her own. Cassie and Rob are also really close, which is how Libby wants to be with James Harper—she fancies the pants off him— but he seems very distracted.

She realises it’s time for sorting out her life and stepping it up—in more ways than one!

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Stepping It Up is the second book in The Liberty Lawrence series.  Libby, who is now an investigating reporter, finds herself ill-prepared for racing across New York with her colleague Dave, a successful reporter and mentor.  Still driven by fashion, Libby finds ways to adjust her wardrobe to fit in with her new role. However, finding the best shoes to keep up with Dave is not the only problem Libby is facing. A vendetta against her from some of the girls in the office makes it difficult for Libby to keep her job, and she finds herself faced with the possibility of her career finishing before it has begun.

On top of this Libby suspects her mentor, Dave, might be involved in some shady business.  Her relationship with the handsome detective James is put to the test when problems with James’ ex-wife reach the boiling point. 

Stepping It Up is an enjoyable read that kept me entertained throughout. Though I found Libby’s character to be irritating to start with due to her passion with fashion, I soon began to empathise with her. Bea’s writing makes it easy to visualise the characters and slip into the plot of the story. 

Another good book from Bea Stevens. I look forward to the next book in this series. 

I give this book 4 stars. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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