FOTD – January 9 – Christmas Cactus

I don’t know if you’re anything like me but when the average daytime temperatures are hovering around 35-40°F (1°C)–or lower–I am just not that keen to be snapping photos, even if it is sunny like today. Plus, I learned while traveling in England one very cold December that lithium batteries pretty much hate the cold. That’s not to say, I won’t venture out soon because there are lovely berries and such to snap. I just need to gather some cold courage. I just need to Nope, probably staying put for a bit. 😉 (Maybe)

However…I brought a lot of summer in with me in September and October and I also have the loveliness of Christmas cacti, which have been blooming like troopers for the past few weeks. So, I’ll share some inside blooms while the wind makes the chimes sing their song.

Christmas Cactus

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