Winter Ocean 20-21

I wrote this haibun for dVerse where Lillian asked us to write about a haibun about a new beginning. I have written mine about what feels and I hope to be a new beginning.

Southern Shores, OBX, January 3, 2021

Winter Ocean 20-21

I arrived in the house feeling discombobulated. There had been something about driving across the dark sound, no other headlights in view, that roused a bad dream to consciousness. But I powered through, foot to gas, steady breathing, knowing the darkness and murky water below would not swallow us up. This was not a dream.

Days listening to the steady rhythm of the ocean, feeling the bracing cold wind, walking on the beach where history walked before me, brought clarity, awakening, sparks of rejuvenation, and a personal vow of self-reconstruction. Cliché though it may be, a new journey began January 1.

Snow geese overhead

White arrow against blue.

Joy with frosty breath.

Note: This was my first ever sighting of snow geese and my Merlin app said that this was a rare sighting so I felt chuffed and perhaps a little certain it was a harbinger.

5 thoughts on “Winter Ocean 20-21

  1. So so late to reply to this. Apologies. Somehow time has escaped me with so much happening since I posted this prompt.
    I love what you’ve written here. I find our annual two weeks in Provincetown, where we stay right on the ocean in mid-September, well beyond tourist season, to be some of my most reflective times. You’ve expressed why. The steady rhythm of the ocean…walking on the shore. A wonderful haibun! Thank you!

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