January Joy, a haibun

photo of northern cardinal perched on brown tree branch
Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

January Joy, a Haibun

Unraveling the strings of Christmas lights from where they’d sunken into the evergreen bushes, the sun warm enough for me to remove my hat and hoodie, I considered the thoughts soaring through my mind. How in previous years this task of removing holiday cheer would have been met with melancholy but now I felt hope, joy even.

The seed catalogs had arrived with their stylized glossy photos of vegetables, fruits and flower, all wanting to be planted and picked. Rebirth felt at my fingertips, even if the next few months brought cold and snow. And this feeling in my chest? So much hope.

The cardinal’s song
whistled clear and jaunty.
Cold dark veils.

8 thoughts on “January Joy, a haibun

  1. Seeds to be planted! This is your promise to the future. You have promised to be there and to assist these seeds in their growth. Excellent! I always plant spring bulbs in the autumn. It is my promise of faith that I will be there to see them emerge and bloom once the winter is over.

    1. 🧡 Yes! My bulbs have been a bit confused, probably as confused as our weather. I see their wee heads popping up and hope they stay down a little (three months) longer. 🙂

      1. Oh that is difficult when that happens. We have had variable weather here too with temps above normal but it is always below freezing at night and we have a covering of snow. So my bulbs are settled in and waiting .

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