Music Monday: Time After Time by Jule Styne

For modern audiences, when you see the title “Time after Time,” you immediately think of Cyndi Lauper. I probably would since I did it as a previous Music Monday two years ago! But last evening I watched Julia & Julia (for the second time) and through the latter part of the movie they played the Jule Styne version of “Time after Time,” which is so melodic and beautiful and sticks with you like warm cognac in front of a roaring fire. Before this movie, I’d heard it from Frank Sinatra, who does it eloquently, beautifully, memorably. So my quest was to find versions that spoke to me, that sounded as beautiful as I thought the song should sound. Let me know what you think. And, if you’ve never heard the song before, tell me what your impression is, because I’m eager to hear!

Zooey anyone?

A wow version:

And my personal favorite although he has many versions:

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