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I didn’t make any resolutions regarding my writing, but I had thought them. If you don’t write them does that make it better? Anyway, I haven’t done the writing that I thought I would. I hope to do better. I am glad that Linda Lee Lyberg gave me such a wonderful prompt for dVerse’s prosery. As you may (or may not) know Mary Oliver has long been my favorite poet so to use one of her lines in a piece is always an honor. Thank you, Linda Lee! 🧡

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We are sometimes left in peace to find our way. My grandmother left me so after my mother then my father abandoned me, the burdens of teen parenthood overwhelming. My grandmother was kind, fierce and unmatchable in her stubbornness, until me.

“See the stars,” she said. “You watch the stars and I’ll tell you the constellations. You watch the meteors and wish on them. You watch the planets in conjunction and pray on them. You watch the eclipses and lookout for evil.”

But it was not only the heavens from which she sought solace but from the fragrant herbs in her garden, the verdant moss growing on oak trees, the wild geese seeking south in autumn, and the silver bark of birches in winter

On the day she said, “Sometimes the great bones of my life feel so heavy,” I understood life’s eventual finality.


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