Dogs Are Self-Aware (and now science proves it)

Sophie the English Shepherd

As a dog owner, and particularly a herding dog owner, I have had many years of seeing just how smart dogs are. Sophie, in fact, may be smarter than some humans I know merely by her quick understanding of particular words I say that (may) have an abstract meaning. I have conveyed concrete statements to human beings without them being understood. πŸ˜‰

Now more research has come up that proves dogs are self-aware. Here is an article from Lives Science with the information.

10 thoughts on “Dogs Are Self-Aware (and now science proves it)

    1. And the paws! She’s such a little ham for the camera! The article says that several species showed self-awareness from the mirror test, chimps, corvids, and elephants–and I think they said more animals, but dogs had not. But this recent test showed self-awareness. Personally, and yep, preaching to the choir, I think it’s about time we give all species of animals the respect they deserve and treat them better. Kicking out my soap box. πŸ˜€

      1. We’ve talked about it Sascha. We miss her terribly, and it seems so odd going for a walk without her. We’re not ready yet, but have agreed that, just as she did, the dog will choose us. Hubby wants a male next time.

      2. I completely understand. It took three years before we brought a companion for Scout into our lives after the death of my Cha. And, I do think we’re matched with the dog we need. Sometimes they just come unexpectedly into our lives.

      3. We were four years without a dog when I lost Kizzy my GSD, then just 6 days after losing Barney. We’ve therefore had a dog in our lives continuously for over 25 years. At almost 16, Maggie had been a part of it for half the time we’d been together as a couple. It’s a big hole, and though we know another won’t replace her, it will make its own place in our hearts when the time is right.

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