Winter Mind #dVerse

Oh, it’s been awhile (again!). And writing poetry when you haven’t written poetry in a while is like going to the dentist for a root canal. Anyway. Thank you to Lisa for this thought-provoking post on dVerse. I am happy to take part–you know, after the swelling went down. 😉

I have used both fringe and edge in this poem.

photo of withered grass
Photo by Pille Kirsi on
Winter Mind

Snow clings to the edge of the field
a last vestige of winter in a year where 
winter stranded in hearts
daffodil flowered April
through sultry August
where summer embraces echoed
memories of a narrow distant past.

At the fringes of the field lie 
fragments of the lost
the cast aside
the dead
the breathing
our souls, goodness
a fraught stranger

seeking remission.

Sascha Darlington

2 thoughts on “Winter Mind #dVerse

  1. “winter stranded in hearts” and all of those things “at the fringes of the field” and the state of our souls, such an helpless dis-ease to exist within. I hope the cure comes soon. Glad you decided to go through the “root canal” to create this gem, Sascha.

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