Welcome to the Now

Okay. The hardest part about this was the title (changed twice), and, well, the last word, which has been changed three times already. Both still in jeopardy.

I wrote a really great opening line for last week’s Friday Fictioneers (Our love was as dead as the frost-nipped, snow-laden roses in the north garden.) but never got back to it. This is what they mean by best intentions. Anyway, I’ve finally managed to reappear. Many thanks to Rochelle who never lets us down and always appears.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Welcome to the Now

The scents have changed. Curry and fish sauce hover where once it was cabbage, bacon, barbecue sauce. Every step I take reminds me of when my grandmother lived in this building. Sometimes I dream of it still, visiting “Mom” as we called her.

Now I live on the upper floor. My vista not one she had of a wildflower field and evergreens, but of townhouses, concrete, not a tree in sight.

My neighbors and I nod behind our masks, but never interact. I only know their names via exchanges amongst themselves.

I settle down to a microwave dinner. Unscented. Bland.


Sascha Darlington

25 thoughts on “Welcome to the Now

  1. How to be lonely in a crowd. Heaviness, that’s the word that describes how this story makes me feel. There’s just not much joy in this person’s life.

  2. I love the first paragraph. I can “see” the change in tenants from the spice change. Really nice. But I can’t decide whether this is sad/depressing or not. Sometimes things are what they are.

  3. History told through cooking smells and views from windows! And the isolation of modern living for so many. It’s such a good story.

  4. Vivid storytelling. Despite his fond memories, I wonder how much of his nostalgia can be attributed to the human tendency to see the past through rose-tinted glasses.

    1. That’s very true. I recently saw that our minds warp our memories so that we can remember them. Who knows what else our minds do? Although, present day loneliness can be pretty isolating. Thanks so much! 🙂

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