Music Monday: Such a Simple Thing by Ray LaMontagne

I read a comment on Facebook the other day that no good music has been made since 199X. I scrunched up my nose and said: whaaaat? Funny how people who said they’d never be like their parents have become just like them. Their parents said the same thing about music after the 60s. Music is ever changing. I don’t know whether it’s evolving, devolving, or maybe just revolving, but there is always good music being made and hopefully there always will be.

So much fun of listening to a streaming music service is the discovery of new-to-me music. Take this song, Such a Simple Thing by Ray LaMontagne. It’s a haunting song about the pain in a relationship. The song came out in 2018 but I’ve only just heard it this year. Likewise, I never knew Ray LaMontagne existed until the past 5 years despite the fact that he’s been releasing great songs since 1999. Thank you, Pandora!

I have to say, there is something about this song that reminds me of the Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses.

Tell me what your heart wants

Such a simple thing

My heart is like paper

Yours is like a flame

Written by: Ray Charles LaMontagne

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Such a Simple Thing by Ray LaMontagne

  1. It does have a Wild Horses thing to it. Paper and flame. Yikes. That conjures an image. I’m still fond of music from the 70’s and 80’s and even the 90’s. But when I let myself listen to stations other than the oldies I find new favorites. Love Adelle. Lady Antebellum. Pink. I guess you can teach an old dog new songs.

    1. I have never really stopped listening to new music but I can’t say that some of my interests haven’t changed. For instance, I used to love country music but the male-oriented, pick-up truck driving songs of the last 15 or so years have turned me off. I do like the wave of new women songwriters though and hope they can give some life to that genre. Oops. This is a blog post in itself!

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