The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

I want to thank those of you who gave input on what I should use as my theme this year. I have chosen to go with flowers and hopefully do linked stories revolving around a florist….or a garden shop. Yep, I’ve planned this out well. 😉

It makes me giggle to know that my first story will be on April Fool’s day considering how well thought out this year’s stories will be. How appropriate!

17 thoughts on “The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

    1. Many thanks, Keith! I wouldn’t miss it. I’m dropping by your place in a just a moment. (My life seems to be a constant theme of catching up anymore–for no very good reason.)

  1. What? Didn’t like antiques? Flowers will be good. All sorts of occasions. Weddings, funerals, proms (do guys still get their dates corsages?), V-Day, birthdays, holidays. Yep, a fertile opportunity. 🙂

    1. Meh! I’m sorry! I really considered antiques and may even do it next year, thanks for the suggestion, btw. However, right now, flowers seems like a simpler topic for the unplanned and presently chaotic to undertake. 🙂

  2. LOL. There are like three different unbelievable things happening this year for me on April 1st and it’s already feeling a little surreal to me too. But then everything feels a little surreal to me, so that’s to be expected. I love flowers. Looking forward to these linked stories.

    1. I hear you! It’s poetry month and camp nano, both of which I’d love to contribute to. I’m just wondering if I’ll get all the stories done for the challenge much less CHALLENGE myself further! What are your three, if you don’t mind my asking?

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