Microcosm Update 3/12/21

Hello, hello, to you all! I am feeling slightly breathless. I think it’s from trying to catch up with my head which seems to be in a different place than my body . . . or maybe it’s my brain trying to catch up with my head. Regardless, I’m definitely in the process of catching up with something which should be the subtitled theme of my blog.

This week I celebrated my birthday and by some fantastical coincidence had three days of brilliant weather, and today, which was supposed to be cooler and rainy has turned out equally brilliant so, whoopee! I have to say that it’s very difficult to try to do what one must when it’s so beautiful outside, which may be why this post will have edited for three hours on it.

So many of you have commented on my posts and I need to catch up with all of your wonderful comments. I do appreciate your taking the time. I really do! Thank you!

But, first, I thought I’d show you a couple of pics from my excursion to the nearby park for a birthday walk.

A red-tailed hawk looking for lunch. He very nicely allowed his pic to be taken while we walked by.

And what would shared pics be without a couple of Miss Sophie?

You may not be able to tell, but she has a ball in her mouth that she is returning.
As she draws closer, you can even see the ball! I don’t think you can tell how much she was actually loving this, despite it being a very warm day.

So thank you all for your patience. I’m probably running outside again to absorb some more rays while Sophie plays ball.

I hope you all are doing well too! 💖

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