Review of The Russian Cage by Charlaine Harris

The Russian Cage
Gunnie Rose Book 3

Charlaine Harris

February 23, 2021

Gallery / Saga Press

Blurb: #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Charlaine Harris is at her best in this alternate history of the United States where magic is an acknowledged but despised power in this third installment of the Gunnie Rose series.

Picking up right where A Longer Fall left off, this thrilling third installment follows Lizbeth Rose as she takes on one of her most dangerous missions yet: rescuing her estranged partner, Prince Eli, from the Holy Russian Empire. Once in San Diego, Lizbeth is going to have to rely upon her sister Felicia, and her growing Grigori powers to navigate her way through this strange new world of royalty and deception in order to get Eli freed from jail where he’s being held for murder.

Russian Cage continues to ramp up the momentum with more of everything Harris’ readers adore her for with romance, intrigue, and a deep dive into the mysterious Holy Russian Empire.

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Gunnie Lizbeth Rose is a fish-out-of-water in The Russian Cage, the latest in the Gunnie Rose series by Charlaine Harris. After receiving a puzzling letter from her sister Felicia from which Lizbeth deduces that the man she loves, Prince Eli, is in jail in San Diego, which is part of the Holy Russian Empire, Lizbeth goes off to break him out by any means possible. Lizbeth navigates an unfamiliar society with its equally unfamiliar rules and technology and finds allies along the way, including her sister who is an enigma.

The Russian Cage was a fun novel start to finish, with action and intrigue and subterfuge throughout. In some ways, it’s like reading a heist novel in which Lizbeth portray different characters in order to achieve her means. As always, she is strong and determined and definitely not one to treat badly because she won’t put up with it. Her behavior was juxtaposed against other women who seemed to be created to be put on display.

I also enjoyed her sister Felicia’s character because it seems that neither we nor Lizbeth understand exactly what Felicia is capable of or all that she may know due to her powers. It will be fun to see where Harris takes Felicia in the future. She is definitely someone to be reckoned with.

I am delighted to see that Harris has created such wonderful female characters who are strong and smart and unwilling to be treated badly by the men in their lives.

The Russian Cage also allowed us to understand further this world alternate history that Harris has created with William Randolph Hearst being a significant player in inviting the Russian dignitaries to his world. I can’t wait to see what Harris cooks up next.

Page-turning, gripping, and sometimes wry, The Russian Cage is a good, escapist read.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



5 out of 5 butterflies

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