Rejection #amwriting



The beach showed evidence of footsteps, but for that bright shining early morning hour, Sylvia could almost believe she was the only person to walk this shore in ages.

Last night was a revelation. So much misdirected love/lust. Did no one love anyone anymore? Her cheeks burned at her family’s behavior.

She sank onto the beige sand, felt the cool granules seep through her splayed fingers. A sharp broken shell cut her finger. She watched red pool in droplets, mesmerized, because it echoed the jagged edges of her heart when Joseph, her heart-of-hearts said, “Sylvia? My god man, never her.”


(100 words)

10 thoughts on “Rejection #amwriting

  1. Dear Sascha,

    I’m guessing it was something she overheard. Poor girl. Hope she finds another heart of hearts who returns the feelings. Nicely done.



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