What’s Going On & Music Share: Foo Fighters’ Waiting On a War

I’ve spent a good deal of today writing book reviews for upcoming book tours. And, when we’re talking about 4 or 5 books, that’s the equivalent of banging my head on the desk wondering why I didn’t take better notes while I was reading. The reason why I didn’t write the reviews immediately was because of allergies. Oh, it’s been bad this year. I felt a total disconnect with my brain (only a little more severe than usual (ha) 😉 ). It’s raining today, which we needed, so the pollen is not hovering around me. So I feel almost normal–mostly.

I missed both Music Monday and Tuesday Tune so today we’re stuck with Wednesday Whine, but let’s hope we do a little better than just whining. For the past few weeks, I’ve heard the latest Foo Fighters’ song, which is really addictive listening. It’s called “Waiting on a War.” Dave Grohl posted about the song on twitter where you can see the song’s origin.

Every day waiting for the sky to fall

Big crash on a world that’s so small

Just a boy with nowhere left to go

Fell in love with a voice on the radio

Songwriters: David Grohl / Georg Ruthenberg / Rami Jaffee / Christopher Shiflett / Oliver Hawkins / Nathan Mendel
Waiting On A War lyrics © Mj Twelve Music, I Love The Punk Rock Music, Living Under A Rock Music, Tovy Tunes

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