The Loophole of Cage Free, Free Range Eggs

Did you think by buying cage free, free range eggs that you were buying eggs laid by hens who spent their days in the great outdoors, soaking up sunshine and fresh air? I did. I had gone from buying cage free to free range after being informed that cage free didn’t really mean that the hens were free.

Today I saw a petition on that chickens can be labeled as “pasture-raised” even if they’ve never been outdoors. While I don’t eat chicken, I do eat eggs and investigated further. On the carton of eggs I have from Organic Valley, stating that they are cage free and free range, there in tiny print it says they have access to the outdoors. Access is the loophole.

The Organic Valley eggs are not on the list of humane products. If you’re interested, here is a list from the ASPCA on humane products.

I am one day closer to being vegan. Ignorance is bliss until it isn’t.

carton box with fresh eggs placed on wooden surface
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6 thoughts on “The Loophole of Cage Free, Free Range Eggs

  1. I don’t eat eggs, but my family isn’t egg-free as of yet. It’s ridiculous that they can use the term ‘cage-free’ when they simply aren’t. My kids used to do poultry for 4H, and I remember how stressed out our chickens were just during fair week as they were kept in pretty small cages. Luckily, the poultry committee would send them all home early as soon as possible free judging. Thanks for sharing this because people need to understand what they’re buying and supporting.

    1. I figured that if I didn’t know and thought I was doing the right thing that there might be others who didn’t know either and who thought *they* were doing the right thing. I think there needs to be more transparency than there is. Wishful thinking.

    1. Actually, last week I tried Impossible Meat. That might be the way to go. It was better than Beyond Burgers. I also made siracha caramelized onions to go on top. I may put up a recipe. 🙂 Although I will say, Beyond Meat sausage….wow. Just like the real thing.

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