Christmas Night Drive Home #napowrimo

Day 4. I actually used the prompt for this one. The prompt asked us to use one of  @SpaceLiminalBot‘s photos. I realize that I should have gone for one more disconcerting than a winter road but I was afraid my fiction might take over and then where would we be? 😉 I haven’t used the original photo because I don’t know what the copyright is on it and didn’t want to run (or walk) afoul.

(I’m all caught up! Unbelievable!)

I remember that Christmas night drive
the slick streets shiny with ice
the highway with lanes of skewed cars
how silent you and I were
thinking only of home
the warmth, 
the welcoming meow of Tiki-cat
how grateful we’d be
to park safely
grab each other’s hands
embrace for life,
how we’d never forget
(only sometimes)
the joy of being alive.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Night Drive Home #napowrimo

  1. Skewed cars. Love it. I had a harrowing drive like this from Vail to Denver. Glad to be alive.

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