Peace On Earth

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers and to Jennifer Pendergast  for this cute photo!

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast  

Peace on Earth

Billy and Jen had bitten the heads off their gingerbread cookies when the screaming started. The screaming was worse this time. Nasty alcohol-saturated words.

“Grab your coats,” I said.

They didn’t hesitate.

I stole dad’s car and drove to Aunt Lou’s. She didn’t seem surprised to see us.

“You all must have known I had hot chocolate just about to simmer on the stove,” she said while raising an eyebrow at me.

I nodded. She shook her head before ushering my younger siblings into the family room where her Christmas tree blazed. One ornament caught my eye: peace on earth.


26 thoughts on “Peace On Earth

  1. I’m so glad I made it to the end of this week’s stories, because you saved one of the best for last. There is so much story in these few words. Nicely done.

    1. I have to tell you that your comment made my day. I’ve been thinking that I really need to spend more time concentrating on my writing rather than reviewing other people’s writing. Your comment gave me a boost of courage. Thank you. 💖

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