Review of Forever in Cape May

Forever in Cape May

Jennifer Probst

April 6, 2021


Blurb: Taylor Sunshine and Pierce Powers vowed to keep things platonic. They already have the best of each other: loyalty, friendship, and trust. Why ruin the perfect relationship? That kind of forever love isn’t in the picture anyway for a restless, aspiring artist like Taylor. Her sights are set beyond the horizon of Cape May and Sunshine Bridal.

The oceanfront hometown is part of Pierce’s heart—just like Taylor is. And it breaks at the thought of her leaving. As her closest friend since high school, he supports her desires, even if she must follow them away from Cape May. But when their defenses are down, all it takes is one impulsive, vulnerable night to change all the rules.

From old friends to overnight lovers, they make a new pact: explore a summer fling, no strings attached. But as the nights heat up and their connection grows deeper, hard choices must be faced. As summer nears its end, will Taylor and Pierce fulfill their individual dreams? Or are new dreams just beginning to come true?

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Have you ever read the first book in a series and pinpointed the couple who would show up in a future novel and just knew that theirs would be the book, the one you were really looking forward to? That was exactly what happened when I read Love on Beach Avenue, the first novel in Jennifer Probst’s The Sunshine Sisters series. I knew I would love the book that youngest, most prickly Sunshine sister, Taylor, would find love with her best friend, Pierce. And, guess what? I did.

Taylor is coming to the end of her time at the family wedding planning business, which she never really wanted to be part of to begin with but felt obliged to. Now she can concentrate solely on her art. She has a showing in Paris, thanks to her almost brother-in-law. The world is really turning her way. But then she and her best friend since Freshman year of high school, Pierce, and she get more than a little tipsy and make love. And nothing will be the same.

One of the the things I love about Jennifer’s romances is that she goes beyond the typical romance so that we get to be a part of Taylor creating art; Pierce seeing the world through his viewfinder. Yes, the romance is front and center, but we also get to see what makes these characters tick. They become much more to us than merely a couple. And, I love it. There is also a lovely scene in which Pierce asks a groom’s 91-year old grandmother about how love changes–and what she says is something we all should take to heart.

Jennifer also imbues the novel with so much feeling. Her characters feel awe and so do we. She has a knack for placing us with the characters in the scene. Even the steamy ones. I related to the creativity of both Taylor and Pierce. Creatives are a different breed and I think Jennifer did such a great job of portraying this.

I also loved how this novel ended up in Paris. It reminded me of her Our Italian Summer. She makes us feel like we’re in Paris. And for all of us who miss traveling, this is a godsend.

I have not read the middle book in the series, so I feel very safe in saying that you can enjoy Forever in Cape May as a standalone and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a luscious beach read.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.



5 out of 5 butterflies

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