Sriracha Onions

The recipe that you didn’t know you needed

Sriracha Onions, still warm

I know. I know. Sriracha? That’s hot, hot sauce, right? But before you completely turn away, let me tell you this. If you sauté onions for a long time, they caramelize. They become so wonderfully sweet and succulent that you’ll wish you had the time to always caramelize onions. And what happens when you add sriracha sauce to the onions? You get this magnificent blend of sweet and spicy. You’re in charge of the heat so it’s up to you how spicy you go.

The night before last I made Impossible Burgers. They were okay. Something was missing from the first time I made them. What? Oh! Sriracha onions. So last night when the Impossible Burgers were revisited, I made sriracha onions to go on top of them. These onions literally made the burger. Are you game?

Quickie Recipe:

Two onions

Olive oil, 2 tablespoons

Sriracha sauce, 1 to 2 tablespoons

Sauté the onions over low heat, stirring intermittently, for between 20-30 minutes. I tend to go on the long side. Watch to make sure that the onions don’t brown too quickly.

When the onions are done, add the sriracha sauce. Blend well. Serve. Yum.

6 thoughts on “Sriracha Onions

  1. Great and easy recipe! My favorite. Try “Beyond Beef” brand (if you’re not sold on Impossible Burger). They come in “Beyond Burger” and “Beyond sausage.” Plus they have crumbles (for chili or spaghetti sauce). I don’t do substitutes much, but once or twice a month I have one of these burgers with all the trimmings including mushrooms and onions. Plus onions and mushrooms are soooooo good for you! Thank you for showcasing veganism!

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