Many thanks to Rochelle and Brenda Cox.


Free and Brave

Tian both offended her and broke her heart when he sang “Cathy’s Clown” at karaoke. Because she—Cathy—had never intended/wanted to break anyone’s heart.

When he stumbled after her on the beach, the cold breeze reflecting her emotions, she said: I’m with Nigel. I love Nigel. I’ll always love Nigel.

Then the pandemic. She worked from home, only spoke to Tian through puzzling emails.

Nigel tells her: “Tian’s face is bloody, won’t say how.”

“Targeting Asians,” a headline pronounces.

Cathy understands the bloody face.

“Stay with us,” she implores Tian.

“I’m your clown.”

She bites her lip/response, “Never.”

A good, sad, desperate lie.


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  1. Haters will always find someone to hate. If you differ from them in any way, you’re a target. Especially if you have an outstanding work ethic and tend to succeed.

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