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Are you a short story writer? Are you a fan of fairy tale retellings, the darker the better? Then you might want to read below to see how you can submit a story for inclusion in the Unfortunate Fables Anthology. I’m going to be there, I hope to see you too!

This anthology is based on fairy tales with a DARK TWIST. Make the story your own, place it in the present, past, or…someplace original. There has to be some sort of magical/paranormal element in the story and your fairy tale has to have dark themes with a TWIST. They must be based on fairy tales or fables in the public domain, not fan-fiction.

The Wolf eats Little Red and then slaughters the village. Prince Charming marries the Evil Step-Mother and they rule the kingdom together. Be creative, use uncommon fairy tales as your base. LGTBQ+ stories welcome. Also, feel free to mix fairy tales from different cultures together for a unique story. Heat-levels can vary, though erotic elements are not required. 

LENGTH – 8-12k words.

Not Acceptable Content: Pornography (including Golden Showers, BDSM, ect.), Rape as a means of sexual excitement, Necrophilia, Sex with minors or exploitation of minors (exceptions made for alluding to trauma), Bestiality 

The author is expected to submit a polished, proof-read and edited manuscript. A proof-reader will review your manuscript for minor errors.

Submission guidelines:

Times New Roman Font. 12 pt. 1.5 line spacing. Title page must include your name, e-mail address, manuscript title, and word count.

Submit your completed manuscript to: byquillandlantern@gmail.com

Deadline 8/1/2021

For more about Quill and Lantern, visit here.

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