Update: BRB

I am a wee bit behind on my A to Z challenge stories. I thought I’d catch up yesterday, but a few hours of my day were taken up by a computer glitch when I went to get my covid vaccination. Then today during my writing time, I was experiencing the rare treat of pollen allergies combined with a few after-effects of the vaccine, which gave me fog brain. I try not to write when I have fog brain because I’ve learned that it’s not a treat. For me or the reader. With fog brain I look at words and wonder if they’re the right ones. Although I’ve been known to do that with non-fog-brain too but then I figure that if I typed it with non-fog brain there was a really good chance that it was right. Or I was right. One of us was right. 😉

I also tried to do my taxes today. Thank goodness for a system that just lets you input numbers (no creativity there (I’m not mathematically inclined enough to get creative with my taxes))…except when they want to charge you for doing your state taxes when another program will do it for free and you’re desperately looking at the form with fog brain–when you really should be using your eyes–and don’t see immediately, actually it’s not see but realize, that you already clicked the little box that doesn’t file the state taxes at this time. Phew!

Anyway, long story short. Tomorrow I shall be back with more flowers for everyone! Or, at least H, I, J, and K. (Yikes!)

Ciao! And Good Night!

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