Music Monday: If You Break My Heart by Dionne Warwick

I was a tiny kid when Dionne Warwick became a star, but she became a mainstay in my music world. A voice I can always listen to. And what a voice!

I’m probably going to be somewhat sacrilegious here because I remember hearing Hozier’s lyric in “Someone New” that goes: “How pure, how sweet a love, Aretha, that you would pray for him?” And I thought: What? No! That’s Dionne’s song. “Say a Little Prayer” has always been Dionne’s song as far as I was concerned, certainly my personal favorite. Sorry, not sorry. But then, I’ve always thought Dionne’s versions were far better than anyone else’s. Her voice can be understated but should never be underestimated.

I’ve been hearin’ rumors about how you play around.

Though I don’t believe what I hear, still it gets me down.

If you ever should say goodbye

I’d feel so awful the angels would cry.

Songwriters: Burt F. Bacharach / Hal David
You’ll Never Get To Heaven lyrics © New Hidden Valley Music Co., New Hidden Valley Music Company, Casa David Lp, Casa David Music, New Hidden Valley Music Co, Bmg Rights Management (uk) Ltd (hal David), Music Sales Corp Obo New Hidden Valley Music

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