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Many thanks, as always, to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart


My small town had been behaving strangely before I chained myself to my computer to complete the promised last dozen chapters of my novel. When I ventured into town intent on restocking my empty pantry, I paused, astonished.

About 80% of the fine people of Landstowne stood in the town center, glowing like gender-proud aliens, pink and blue.

“Annihilate the different.”


If I squinted, I could discern Ray and Ethel, the Morrisons. And Preacher Willis?

Were they speaking in tongues? No, some words I discerned: hate, them, death.

Preacher Willis turned toward me, pointed, his eyes death rays: “Different!”


Sascha Darlington

8 thoughts on “Different #flashfiction #amwriting #100 words #scifi

  1. Perfect. And painfully true everywhere, we don’t even need glowing orbs for the hate. This is the second blog, where I have trouble posting under my WP account, strange… I’m not fond of having to give my Email for commenting.

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