Everything’s Coming Up Roses: Roses #atozchallenge

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I am not going to catch up on this marathon of writing, although I am considering one more writing venture after this….although it may not materialize. Who knows…well, I guess we all will within an hour. 😉

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close up photo of yellow garden roses
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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

For what seems like hours, Angie has been snipping thorns from roses and she’s past upset. If a bride were to appear right now and say something about roses, she thinks she might snip something off the bride.

Before it hadn’t seemed so bad. Actually, tweaking the little rose beaks had been therapeutic, but there was something about knowing that Josie had just up and left that tweaked Angie. She felt like the thorn easily done away with and maybe that analogy was really too close to home for her to consider truthfully.

Forget the fact that Angie hadn’t considered not following the family flower business until Josie abandoned it. Angie had conveniently forgotten it. Suddenly she felt very put upon. Maybe she wanted to do something else with her life other than prep roses for someone else (she hadn’t). How dare Josie just move on without consulting anyone (she had)? And leaving the nursery in the hands of Charlie? Charlie, of all people?

She pushed baby’s breath in between roses. Usually she felt inspired, like she was creating her own poetry with flowers. Right now, she hated all of it. She didn’t want to think about any of it.

But her sister, Josie, figured on her thoughts. Mostly at the center of a bull’s eye.

She plucked a petal from the yellow rose in front of her while wondering why Josie always came up smelling like roses while she suffered. Was that fair?

She sliced the petal in half. No. Not fair. Not fair at all.


Sascha Darlington

And, no, the song has nothing really to do with anything but the title, but when has that ever stopped me from sharing a song before?! And, it’s Patti Lupone!!!

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  1. Yikes! I missed the middle of this story somehow. Angie’s going??? I need to find the missing flowers.

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