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#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter T

While the stories are linked, each is a standalone. However, if you’ve missed any and want to read them, you can catch up here.

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Distant Spring

“I’d like you to plant tulip bulbs everywhere you can. When the first bit of spring arrives, I want every color of tulip to erupt from the soil. Can you do that?” Marie Toller asks, as she snaps the edge of cigarette to remove the barrel of burn.

I nod. “Of course. How many do you envision?”

She glances over her yard. “Hundreds. All colors.”

I try to see what she’s seeing but can’t. I imagine it must be a personal vision, but that’s okay. I can work with that.

She glances at her cigarette, bemused, before looking at me. “I have until May.”

I frown. “Sorry?”

She wags her cigarette at me. “Everything they say about cigarettes is true. Lung cancer. Smoking death rays. I’ve got til May, if I’m lucky. I want to see my yard abloom. I want to see every bit of it alight with natural color.”

And, suddenly I do see her vision. Words balk in my throat.

I look at her. “I’m sorry.”

She seems too stoic. “Don’t be. There are things we do to ourselves even when we know better. No use blaming anyone else. I want to be here for the spring you’ll give me.”

I nod. I can do that. I can give her tulips and more. I can do that. I can make it the best spring.

I will.

Sascha Darlington

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