Understanding: Wisteria #atozchallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2021 April Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter W

While the stories are linked, each is a standalone. However, if you’ve missed any and want to read them, you can catch up here.

purple flowers
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On her last day visiting the beach and Russ, Angie swings by my cottage as I’m painting the door a teal green.

“Josie, yo,” she says.

I smile at her, hoping that my face, which always conveys every emotion I ever possess, remains neutral. “Ange, hey. I hear you’ve been staying at Russ’.”

“Have I ever. He’s really something, you know. I don’t know how you let him slip through your fingers,” she says. “I’m thinking about closing down the florist. Selling it. Something. I’m thinking about moving here.”

Why do I not feel surprised?

“Yeah? Great. How will you make a living?”

She glances off toward Russ’ house. “I think Russ will put me up for a while as I get my footing.”

“Kind of presumptuous, isn’t it?”

Her eyes narrow at me. “Russ and I have an understanding.”

I stare at Angie as if I’m seeing her for the first time. She is so totally lost that I almost feel guilty.

Nodding, I smile. “That’s so great, Ange. But I thought you loved your shop.”

She bites her lip, looks away. “With you gone, there’s no one there.”

“Charlie’s there. Your son is there. All of our friends are there.”

She looks at me intently. “But I need you.”

My sister is wisteria. She’s a beautiful clinging vine that will destroy your foundation unless you give it a suitable support. The flowers are pretty, the fragrance nice, but it will destroy fragile anchors.

“What you need is to be away from me and I mean that in the best possible way. You need to go back to your shop. Enjoy your customers and your life. You’ve always loved that shop. You love designing bouquets.”

She nods, hugs her arms around her body. “Why do I always feel so lost?”

I hug her. “Because you’ve just never let yourself be strong, Ange. You’ve got so much. You’re a lovely person. You don’t need me.”

Her lips tremble, but she nods. “Okay. I guess maybe I’ll go back home.”

She starts walking away. “Will you be home for bluebells?”

“Nothing could keep me away.”


Sascha Darlington

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