My English Professor, Part V #shortfiction

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Landing in London

An alien world, that’s what I think when I land in Heathrow’s terminal at 8 am London time, 3 am at home. I’m groggy because I couldn’t quite sleep between the airplane noise and a fussy baby and my lack of flying experience.

People hustle around me, all knowing their destinations, intent on them while I hesitate, beginning to feel like a stalker despite what Giles’ sister, Amanda, said: “You’re the best thing that ever happened to him and us.”

And that’s what brought me here against my better judgement. Okay, I will willingly admit that my stupid heart had about 75% influence too. Love is like that, I think? I guess it will be a matter of days that will tell me if I completely understand what love is.

After a visit to my hotel, where I drink massive quantities of tea, shower, and try to make myself anew, I take a taxi to the family home. My teeth are almost chattering with nerves and innumerable times I fight the desire to ask the driver to turn around, “take me back to London, please, oh, please.”

The house is massive.

“We’re here,” the driver says, almost singsong.

I’m speechless. I sit there a moment, feeling like maybe this whole thing has been a huge mistake. Giles isn’t just a professor, he’s money and I have no business being here, like some stalker.

I glance at the driver who’s staring at me expectantly. I nod, try a smile on my trembling lips.

“Thanks so much,” I say.

He smiles, nods at me. “They put their pants on one leg at a time just like us,” he says.

I grin my appreciation of his words. Yes, one leg at a time. I can but hope I feel that way if and when I’m let in their home.


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