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A British playwright wrote: “Youth is wasted on the young.” I think about that now as I navigate a landscape in which I am no longer young.

We made a pact that we would meet on the solstice of our 50th year. Regardless of everything. Not to mention that we’ve not kept in touch.

My sister said I was foolish. “He may not even be alive.”

The Devon beach is empty. I swirl like a young woman, the one you used to know, until I see you.

“You’re like a dream.”

“Until I open my mouth.”

Time is nothing.


8 thoughts on “Time

  1. Cool! For some reason I want this to be a true story but it’s an even better story if it’s made up.
    It’s quite a landscape to navigate, this not being young place. I’ve been casting about for maps and marks that others may have left for us. Though it’s also fun just stumbling along. It’s not like I know where I’m going and I’m in no hurry.

  2. This is beautiful. I feel the love and hope emanating from your characters in their journey, it gives me hope that magic exists in the love we share, no matter how much time passes. Lovely piece Sascha!

  3. Beautifully realised piece, Sascha. Well done.
    PS – There is no evidence that GB Shaw ever wrote this (nor Oscar Wilde for that matter) but he is reported on several occasions to have said in conversation: ‘Youth is a wonderful thing. It is a shame it has to be wasted on children.’ And so say all of us non-children. 🙂

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