Sharpening Knives and Wits

Thank you, Lisa for this wonderful prompt at dVerse. It’s been a long time since I’ve done prosery; what fun!

Image by Kate Baucherel from Pixabay

Sharpening Knives and Wits

When Daddy’s boat didn’t return, Mama took to bed, only getting up to use the toilet or check if Daddy’s pickup was in the rutted drive. That day Mama and me changed places.

I started harvesting oysters, taking them to the market, or using Daddy’s waterfront stall, where I’d shuck oysters for tourists amused by a girl doing what men did.

The men didn’t take it well. They threatened me, but when it’s between an angry redneck man and mama and me living, I chose living. I learned in those days you couldn’t trust men, even ones you’d known your entire life, even ones your Daddy thought were salt-of-the-earth.

No I do not weep at the world. I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife as well as my wits and pen. You can teach old dogs new tricks, but not so old men.


18 thoughts on “Sharpening Knives and Wits

  1. Indeed it says a lot about human nature and even stereotypes. It’s sad that grown men could do this to a girl, but living is a must. The world goes on and so does life, and we do what we must to survive. Very well written and concise! Love that final line about old dogs and old men, hahaha.

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