17-Year Cicadas, the next installment

While all of the adult 17-year cicadas have passed on, their eggs are now showing red eyes and thousands of cicada nymphs will plummet from the trees to burrow in the ground until 2038. Here’s a story from The Washington Post for your enjoyment. πŸ™‚ πŸ› It’s a fascinating article, by the way.

Image by Deedster from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “17-Year Cicadas, the next installment

  1. This is fascinating! I can’t wait to read this with my daughter this morning. The way they grow is both stunning and creepy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yay. I am so happy to find that others are as fascinated by these creatures as I am. My neighbors probably thought I was a little touched as I went and peered in gaps on tree limbs. Ah, whatever. πŸ™‚

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