Remember Me?

I am partially back.

The body part is definitely back, but the brain part not so much. My brain is like: wait. What? You mean I have to wait a whole year to do that again? I think my brain must be spliced into pieces because my brain also answers: I’m trying to find an interim solution while searching the classifieds for listings for Help Wanted: Beach Bum.

On the back burner, I also have the solution of writing that bestselling novel, you know, in the next month, buying an OBX beach house and living there FOREVER. Until then. 😉

In the meantime, while I regather my scattered wits, here is a picture of Sophie.

Sophie watching a stick being thrown at the beach.

7 thoughts on “Remember Me?

      1. I think puppy fixes any way you can get them is a great idea! I’ve heard that more dogs are ending up in rescues here now. I wonder if there’s an uptake in the UK as well?

      2. We expected it, but it hasn’t happened. Local rescues say they have nothing, but aren’t open to view yet. We firmly believe the dog has to pick us. Puppies are so expensive, but there’s one there for us somewhere.

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