Music Monday: Outbound Plane

As I mentioned a week ago in the post I wrote about Nanci Griffith, I had never heard of Nanci before I knew and loved her songs. In 1991, Nanci’s “Outbound Plane” was a huge hit for Suzy Bogguss and one of my favorite songs. Not only is the melody fast but the lyrics are fantastic, fitting so well to the pace of the song. You can see the entirety of the lyrics here.

I don’t want to be standin’ here

And I don’t want to be talkin’ here

And I don’t really care who’s to blame

‘Cause if love won’t fly on its own free will

Its gonna catch that outbound plane

Songwriters: Nanci Griffith / Tom Russell

I want to know if you can stop your toe from tapping when you hear this song.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be right not to share Nanci’s version. I found one of her performing with The Boston Pops, but the owner of the video has disallowed its use on other forums so I suggest you visit YouTube to see that excellent version.

Here is a live version to give you a taste of Nanci singing “Outbound Plane.” Let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Outbound Plane

  1. I love Nanci’s version but have always liked Suzy’s cover too, possibly helped by her looking impossibly gorgeous in that black hat and coat!

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