A Walk in the Park

Sophie and I went to the park today, despite the fact that it was a bazillion degrees out.

Sophie out ahead (of course).

While I found Virginia stickseed (tiny little burrs that cling to your clothing) and more mosquitoes than I care to think about. Sophie found this:

A woodland box turtle.

Because she was ahead of me and I couldn’t see what she was half-worried/excited over, I was semi-afraid it was a snake encounter, which was on my mind after our recent OBX vacation and which I still need to update you all on. I was relieved to see it was a turtle. Sophie still had to give it a couple of extra sniffs as we passed by because it was center in the trail and there was no way around it.

We said: sorry Mr. Turtle (it could have been a Ms., how to know?!)

So who do you think had the better find of the day, Sophie or me? Haha. I have the welts to prove hers was the better find!

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  1. It’s a bazillion degrees here too. My horse is shedding out his summer coat. I am worried that this means he will now be growing in his winter thicker coat. That means I will have to have him clipped. In a normal year I don’t have to do that until mid October! I like the look of that turtle Sophie found it is rather attractive looking.

    • It has definitely not been a normal year. Do horses not shed as per the temperature? (I’m probably not following completely.)

      Yes, this box turtle struck me as being more orange than ones I’ve seen recently. I don’t know if that means he is relatively young or not.

      • Horses shed out based on the number of hours of daylight. The days are only fractionally shorter but….he may be shedding early . I’m not sure.

      • That is seriously interesting! So it has nothing to do with the temperature as with a dog’s coat. I love learning something new! (Of course, I know next to nothing about horses so everything is new!)

    • It used to be a nicer park but they’ve begun to cater to a children’s water park (which didn’t exist a few years ago) and aren’t keeping up the trails. I literally was scrabbling through vines to get back to our car. Ah, well. I do have many fond memories of walking dogs in that park.

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