Bon Voyage Catbirds

Catbird ©Sascha Darlington

On Sunday evening (August 15), the catbirds welcomed me home with their cacophonic calls (listen to their song here), Monday morning as well. I heard their song, their scratchy utterances and smiled because catbirds may be my favorite bird of all and since they don’t winter here, I probably appreciate them more.

I became lost in the “feeling bads” last week and wasn’t being mindful as I might typically have been.

On Thursday, I noticed the silence. Well, not complete silence. There were cicadas, cardinals, finches, and later crickets but the song of the catbird was gone. In a blink, without a “see you next year,” my little flock of gray happiness flew south to winter in warmer temperatures, leaving me with no doubt that while the calendar said a month of summer still lingered, autumn was around the corner.

The mornings and evenings are not quite the same. So long, catbirds, until next year.

6 thoughts on “Bon Voyage Catbirds

  1. I don’t know much about catbirds except that they’re here as well (when they are). One thing I appreciate is the presence of cardinals in the winter. Comforting to have and know there’s bird-company year-round.

    1. I feel a little bit like the parent who says they favor one child a bit more. 😀 I love all the birds and find them fascinating to watch. And when I first put out a feeder and the cardinal pair became loyal visitors, I was ever so chuffed. 🐦

  2. Seasonal affective disorder? The perils of northern living seem to be very marked compared to the more gentle southern hemisphere changes.

    1. This is true. Although, sincerely, I can’t complain. It gets very (quite?) cold here in the winter, but we have a lot of sunshine, which I very much appreciated after spending ten days in an English winter years ago where sunshine was not bright and vibrant.

      Do your birds even migrate? I guess they have no reason to.

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