Tuesday Toon: Can’t Let Go by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

While I was on vacation, I was reading through some music news items when all of a sudden it became Christmas in August. For all of us who loved the first collaboration by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss that resulted in that very wonderful album, Raising Sand (see wiki article) discovering that they have recorded a new album, Raise the Roof, is very welcome news indeed!

The cherry and whipped cream on top of this delicious sundae was the issuing of the first song, “Can’t Let Go,” which also happens to be my all time favorite song by Lucinda Williams. (I did a Music Monday post in September 2020 about Williams’ “Can’t Let Go.”)

While there aren’t any music videos or live performances yet, you can hear the audio below. Tell me what you think. Are you of fan of Robert Plant & Alison Krauss?


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