Betanda Shanam Reviews Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas


Sean-Paul Thomas

May 21, 2021


From the author of My Sister and I and The Old Man and The Princess (recently optioned to be a motion picture) – comes a new, suspenseful romantic tale that will knock you off your feet. A story that has a reminiscence of ‘500 days of Summer’ and ‘Midnight in Paris’ with a fair dollop of ‘The Graduate’ thrown in. And of course Audrey, a delightful, older female protagonist who takes the young and wayward ex-con Joe under her wing – and under her duvet.

Just out of prison Joe, a young builder from Edinburgh who writes movie scripts in his spare time, randomly meets Audrey, a washed-up, hard-drinking, chain-smoking, middle-aged French film actress at his local film festival. After hitting it off and spending one crazy, magical night together, Audrey sees some potential in Joe and his writing and tries to help him win back his estranged daughter by getting his first screenplay made into a movie in Paris. And so, the adventure of a lifetime begins…

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If we are lucky, we get that once in a lifetime chain-of-events that has the promise of changing our lives forever.

Joe, a young Scottish plumber fresh out of prison, is lucky enough to get this chance when he rekindles his passion for writing and films. 

Joe has always dreamed of being a screenplay writer, unfortunately life events took him on a different path, which led to a stretch in prison and took away his family and his job. With the support of his only friend, Joe slowly starts to adjust to life outside of prison. A new life with no family, an estranged ex-wife, and no contact with his daughter, whom he desperately wants back into his life.  Films and writing are the only comforts and passions in his life.  A chance encounter with the enchanting actress Audrey at a film premiere takes Joe’s life down a path he could only have dreamed of. 

I enjoyed reading Audrey , it was good to read a book based in Scotland and found the storyline to be uplifting and full of hope. I would have liked a bit more depth to the characters, as I sometimes forgot that Joe was Scottish and in his 30’s, his character came over much older.  

I would recommend you read Audrey especially if you find your life as taken you down the wrong path and want some inspiration.

 I give Audrey 4 stars.

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