Music Monday: Know That I Know by Lake Street Dive

I just love finding new (to me) artists. When I was in OBX, I discovered a radio station (99.1 The Sound) that plays diverse music and introduced me to a lot of new artists that I just don’t hear on my local stations. It seems like most of the local stations are owned by huge conglomerates who dictate what music shall be played and no one must play anything different (that last phrase must be spoken with a movie trailer voice, btw). So, it’s always nice to find a radio station that dictates its own terms.

One of the new artists (to me) that I heard was Lake Street Dive and this song, “Know That I Know.” The lead singer, Rachael Price, has a voice that reminds me of a cross between Joni Mitchell and Jess Glynne (Rather Be), a soaring, full, jazzy kind of voice.

Know That I Know” isn’t a profound song. But it’s happy and danceable. And, aren’t we in need of a happy upbeat song right now? Just to bounce around to and sing with and feel good? I know I (always) am!

Dontcha know that I know that you know that I know

That you want me

And don’t I know that you know that I know that you know

That I want you

So let it be known by letter or phone

All our other lovers better leave us alone

Get ready to go, cuz I’m taking you home

Songwriters: Aamir Bermiss / Bridget Kearney / Michael Daniel Calabrese / Mike Elizondo / Mike S Olson / Rachel Claire Price

And for those who love live videos (although the sound quality isn’t that good), here you go:

7 thoughts on “Music Monday: Know That I Know by Lake Street Dive

  1. I agree, Lake Street Dive are great, and Rachael is a fantastic lead singer. They have made some great records and play a lot of covers too – I particularly like their version of Lola, by The Kinks.

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