Life Lesson #21

Yahoo! Under the wire! And with a life lesson no less…en. Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers and Penny Gadd for providing the picture.


Life Lesson #21

The problem with drifting on a tube in the middle of a fast-flowing creek is eventually you come to rapids. Tube equals Titanic.

Life’s like that. You’re blithely floating along, smelling the proverbial flowers when suddenly a skunk unleashes its vast thiol-scent upon you.

“Tomato juice,” Grandmother says.

Tomato juice: Solely an ingredient for Bloody Marys.

Uncle Fred delivers a grin and baking soda. You soak in baking soda until you feel like you’re ready to rise in the oven.

“Next time, be careful calling kitty, kitty.”

There will be no next time. You are now a dog person.


Sascha Darlington

10 thoughts on “Life Lesson #21

  1. highly unusual this story is – but I like it – the way it meanders and wanders and then snaps back with the unfolding — get tone and voice, definitely worthy a nibble, but if you don’t mind, I’ll just stick to a G&T!

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