A Week of Huck

How does a week pass so quickly?

A week tomorrow, Thursday, I picked up Huck and it seems like yesterday, yet, yesterday I took him for a vet visit because this dear 2 year old-boy is heartworm positive and I need to get him started on treatment.

I don’t know how prevalent heartworm is in other parts of the world, but it’s gotten progressively worse along the Atlantic Coast and the Gulf Coast in the States. When I made the appointment for Huck, the receptionist asked where he came from because they’ve had lots of cases from the Carolinas and Georgia. Huck comes from North Carolina.

Heartworm disease is easily preventable with a monthly chew and I don’t know why people don’t use the preventative. In the scheme of things it’s not as expensive as the treatment and certainly is not as expensive for the dog who may never recover to what he could have been. Huck is two and I’m hoping we get him back every year he deserves. Wouldn’t it be nice if pet care was affordable for everyone? Doesn’t everyone deserve to treat their pups to the best they can? But, I guess that’s true for healthcare for humans as well. Doesn’t every living creature deserve the best? I think we/they do.

Huck was adorable with everyone at the vet, but I couldn’t get the technician who he became enthralled with to adopt him despite the fact that she said her daughter would love him. He’s truly a very good boy except for a few things that we’ll try to work on. He is great about stopping when I give the “n” word. “No.” “No” mouthing my hand. “No” pawing my arm. But yes, hugs and kisses are good.


Today was my visit to the eye doctor to make sure the glaucoma is being held at bay. All is good.

The dogs greeted me like I had been gone on an artic expedition. Is anything better than unconditional love? Two dogs who are so very glad with their wagging tails and lolling tongues and bright eyes?

Sophie and Huck are better together although there are things that set them a little off-balance. But yesterday when Huck returned from the vet, Sophie smelled his face for several moments. “You’re back and mostly okay. I’m glad,” she decided.

When I returned from the eye doctor, she greeted me with great happiness. “I’m pleased you didn’t bring another English Shepherd home. I’m just getting used to this one.”

A week feels like yesterday. We’ve more tomorrows.

More to come.

14 thoughts on “A Week of Huck

  1. OMG, he’s adorable/gorgeous! How can you not keep him??? But it’s also wonderful that you’re a foster. I’m glad he’s in your hands. You didn’t mention how he came to need a foster. Maybe next post???

    1. I can write what I know in the next post. I’m trying to be a good foster. I haven’t been in the past because I get too attached and then I can’t let them go. So, this time I am trying.

      1. I think it’s going to depend on how long he’s with me and how attached I get to him. I get attached so easily and then (egotistically) can’t imagine someone is going to take better care of him than me. His home has got to be with people who are serious because he’s been moved a lot in his short life already. (Sounds like a blog post coming on.)

      2. From what I understand, he ended up in a shelter as a puppy and was probably heartworm free because the shelter would have checked. Maggie suggested I write about his history. I don’t know much, but I’ll fill in what I know.

    1. He is lovely. Like many people, the pandemic has meant I’ve stayed home more than normal so I haven’t gotten those: “You’re home!” greetings so much. I appreciate every single one. 😀

  2. He has the appearance of a sweet puppy. And it’s wonderful when your dog greets you as soon as you walk through the door. That, in my opinion, is the purest kind of love.

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