Huck & Sophie, Beginning Week 2 #englishshepherds

Sophie August 2021

When Sophie came to live with us in late Autumn of 2018, the weekend after Thanksgiving, she was sweet and cuddly. For a little while she was known as Sophie Stella so that she could get used to her new name. Somewhere around 3 months, Sophie’s true colors began to show and that was not a bad thing because that meant she was getting comfortable. She didn’t try to sit on your lap or lean into you quite so much. She didn’t stick her freckled face into yours much at all. Cuddles were/are mostly on her terms. But, she continues to be the smartest dog I’ve ever seen with an increasing vocabulary of words and habits tuned from observation. They who are supposedly in the know say that dogs are like toddlers. I find Sophie to be far more complex. She is sensitive, sweet, and sometimes more than a tad bit ornery. Like I said, complex.

In case you’ve missed the two previous postings about Huck, I’ll give a smidgen of background because that’s pretty much all I have/know. Huck is my foster dog. From what I understand through word of mouth, Huck ended up in a rural shelter in North Carolina as a puppy. He was adopted by a family who had him for a year and due to a change in their circumstances they surrendered Huck to the National English Shepherd Rescue. He was fostered for a week by a lovely couple who had to get him moved to a new foster on a temporary emergency basis. That’s me. Just before I went to pick Huck up, I learned he is heartworm positive.

If you live in an area where heartworm infections are prevalent, I implore you to get your dog on preventive. My small bit of research indicated that heartworm infections are increasing. One monthly dose of preventive can save your pup from undergoing painful injections that are not without risk. During the treatment the dog has to be kept calm and can only have minimal activity. And, without treatment, the dog will die. You can read more at the American Heartworm Society site.

Huck is a sweetheart. No two ways about it. While Sophie is a gazelle, Huck is a bit more lumbering (probably because he’s toting around 10 extra pounds). But I can already see his sense of humor. I’ve called him a teddy bear of a dog and I stand by that.

Huck, interrupted while looking for squirrels to chase. 10/15/21

Last night, Huck desperately wanted Sophie to play with him. She rebuffed him. She is a daddy’s girl 100%. When daddy gets home, he’s all she wants. And she doesn’t share well. Huck, perhaps should have been called Puck after Shakespeare’s impish character, would nonchalantly steal the toy she was playing with and then run off, trying desperately to get her to chase him. “Play with me, sullen sister Sophie! Play with me!” This resulted in Sophie being ornery. She took nips at him, at his legs, at his side. He was not to be deterred, although eventually he was because she just didn’t want to play. It’s like she’s forgotten how to play with other dogs. I’m hopeful that before he starts his treatment and must remain calm that they’ll get a few play sessions in.

Sophie: “This is my concerned face.” 10/15/21

During the day, as I work, they are very good together. They watch the neighborhood together. Lie near each other. Go outside and explore the yard. Almost like besties. In the evening when daddy’s home, dynamics change and Sophie doesn’t want to share her person. Huck doesn’t care. He’s got me.

On a side note, Sophie was always extremely deferential to Scout, even when he would steal her toys. (Still teary over Scout πŸ˜’πŸ’”.)

I’m sure there will be more to come.

Hug and take good care of your dogs. Dogs are love. πŸ€—πŸΆπŸ•πŸ•β€πŸ¦ΊπŸ’–

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